Aggie’s Burrow Opens Near Southampton Hospital

17th November 2017

After a hugely successful fundraising campaign, a special home for Bailiwick families is being opened near Southampton Hospital today.

It was bought by the Priaulx Premature Baby Foundation, after launching an appeal in 2015.

The ‘Buy a Brick’ campaign raised £270,000 towards the project in just one year.


Families of ill children will be able to stay in the flat, free of charge, while the child is treated at the hospital.

The PPBF decided another flat was needed after seeing how busy the existing property is.

It’s called ‘Aggie’s Burrow’ and has been named after young Aggie Nicolle, who suffered with neuroblastoma and died last year.

Aggie and her family stayed in the charity’s other home in Southampton while she was undergoing treatment.

Jo Priaulx, from the foundation, says:

‘Any child that’s still under the age of 18 we’re allowed to help. It was around Christmas time that Aggie used the flat and it was lovely because it was a home from home for her, and she used to call it “our holiday home”

In my heart it was always for Aggie. It felt like her little home and its going to help many more families in the future so I’m pleased. and the families have helped us so much they’ve been very engaging with us too so I’m grateful to them.

It’s a ground floor flat. It’s a two bedroom flat with a nice kitchen and diner and it’s right next door to the other flat we’ve got.

I never want them empty so I’m going to working very closely with the PEH and anybody really who needs a property must get in touch.’


Aggie’s Burrow is next door to Isaac’s pad, which is named after Isaac Pickford, who was born prematurely in Guernsey.

Isaac’s mum, Jo Pickford, says:

‘Rob and I will be forever grateful to all those involved in Isaac’s care and cannot express how incredibly lucky we feel to have such a healthy and happy son. We hope if you ever find yourselves needing to use Isaac’s Pad that it makes a very tough journey a little bit easier and gives you a home away from home.’

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