2020 Association calls for air and sea link reports

6th March 2019

The 2020 Association is calling for States reports on Guernsey’s air and sea links to be published.

It has made an Access to Public Information request, with the aim of disclosing the reports to the public.

Chief Executive of the Association, James Collings, says:

‘In spring 2018, PwC was commissioned by the Policy and Resources Committee to produce two reports: one into Air Links Infrastructure and the second into the Contingency Plan relating to the sale of Condor Ferries by its owner.

‘These reports were received back by P&R in autumn 2018.

‘They have been shared with the Committee for Economic Development, the States Trading Supervisory Board and the Committee for the Environment and Infrastructure.

‘However, they have been withheld from the public.

‘These are public documents.

‘They have been paid for from the public purse.

‘The taxpayer has a right to see them, and P&R have an obvious obligation to produce them.’

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