2020 Association formed from Islanders resignations

3rd December 2018

A new political association has been formed by former members of the Islanders Association Executive Committee.

Deputies Peter Ferbrache, Joe Mooney and Jan Kuttlewascher have joined forces with Harvey Marshall, the former chairman of the Islanders Association, to launch the 2020 Association.

The five members say they resigned from the Islanders because of ‘irreconcilable differences of administrative style’ with another member, but are pleased to announce the new association is the result.

In a media release, the group expresses concern over the current States:

‘Although there are some bright stars, it is our confirmed view that the present States is one of the worst ever.

‘It is only when one examines the quality of many of the members of the States, by listening to their debates, and noting the sheer incompetence of some of the decisions taken, that one realises that if this situation continues the island will simply descent ever more speedily into being an economically stultified backwater; a result of not promptly and efficiently addressing vital issues such as connectivity and economic development, and being hampered by complacency and inadequacy.’

The 2020 Association aims to put like-minded people forward for the first island-wide general election in 2020, under their banner.

The group says it is looking to provide a ‘focal point’ for voters in the island to ‘recognise and trust’, but insists it is not a political party:

‘We are against unnecessary regulation, bureaucracy and the interference of Government, which should be enough to provide the fundamental, critical requirements that individuals cannot of themselves provide – and no more.

‘We seek a realistic path towards a prosperity which should have benefits for all.’

You can find more information here.

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