23 deputies targeted by ‘vile’ and ‘indecent’ mail

9th January 2019

23 of Guernsey’s deputies have been targeted by ‘vile’, ‘indecent’ and ‘unacceptable’ hate mail from a local resident.

Deputy Gavin St Pier – who was one of those named in the letter – shared images of its content on social media, after protesters in the UK made the news for shouting abusive comments at an MP and a journalist:


The deputies mentioned in the email were criticised for their decision to back changes to the organ donation scheme – from opt-in to opt-out.

In his letter, the Guernsey resident wishes the politicians the ‘worst and unhappiest year they have ever had’ and calls for their early deaths.

He also mentions plans for a meeting to discuss the idea of funding private detectives to follow the 23 deputies and their families, in order to ‘use any evidence of inappropriate behaviour’ against them.

The mail was passed on to Guernsey Police, who have issued this statement:

‘The letter was shared with us before its wider release online.

‘We have reviewed its content and in this instance it did not require further police action.

‘We would remind people that freedom of speech is not a mechanism for allowing threatening or abusive language to be directed at others – and if a line is crossed, Law Enforcement will take action against those behind the communications.’

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