Accessible Town Christmas evening a success

4th December 2018

Hundreds of people visited St Peter Port last night, as part of the island’s first Accessible Town evening.

Activities, stalls, entertainment and quiet areas were set up in the market yesterday, for islanders with disabilities.

The event was a success, and Access for All is now planning to look at what went right and what could be improved, with the possibility of holding similar events in the future.

Many shops remained open until 7.30pm for late night Christmas shopping.

Vice Chair of Access for All, Karen Blanchford, says:

‘There were two objectives to this.

‘The first was to encourage retailers and businesses in Town to not be so afraid of disability and to understand that access and inclusion only requires a couple of small changes.

‘The other objective was to say to members “You know what, Town is making the effort so let’s make the effort to come down and be involved”‘.

Chair of Access for All, Richard Evans, says:

‘We’re trying to raise awareness of the hidden disability lanyard scheme.

‘Disability and accessibility isn’t all about wheelchairs and physical stuff.

‘There’s a lot that people can do with noise and lights and sounds and putting up signs and making it less confusing for people.

‘It only takes a few small things.’

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