At Island FM we believe the key to successful advertising is that your message is not only heard but remembered and we work to the following process to ensure your success:

1. Identify who you are targeting & what you want to achieve
2. Invest in good quality creative, remember first impressions count
3. Be unique & specific: clearly describe the offer so the listener can picture it
4. Keep it Simple…
(a commercial that presents a simple brand image or incentive is much more likely to generate a positive response than a commercial full of complicated facts and details)

We have formed hundreds of successful partnership with local companies since 1992 and invite you to read the quotes below and listen to the commercials they refer too at the bottom of the page. If you would like to give your business a new lease of life and be remembered please feel free to give Mike Huston a call on 01481 242000.

“Black Horse Offshore has offices in Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man. We were looking for a new strap line, signature tune and set of adverts which were individual, recognisable & relevant to all three islands. After a short discussion period we were given a presentation which encompassed all the requirements of our brief with the finished product being better than any of our expectations”.

Black Horse Offshore, Phil Le Cheminant, Branch Manager

“Over the past 6 months I’ve been very impressed and surprised by the positive effect radio advertising has had on my business. In fact I’ve seen an increase of 40% in year on year sales as a direct result of this activity and I consider myself a convert. A key part in this success was focusing on the creative first and the team at Island FM developed a strong on air identity that together with a consistent presence has delivered a very good return and I can firmly recommend radio advertising as someone who was once very sceptical.”

Ian Brown Cycle Shop, Ian Brown, Owner

“As a consistent advertiser on radio we have really noticed the positive effect this year of creating a much stronger sonic identity through our sponsorship of the Island FM Travel News and a series of new commercials all of which incorporated a completely new piece of bespoke music, exclusive voices and sonic branding. We really do believe this has elevated the brand on Guernsey and made a major contribution to sustaining our market share in an increasingly competitive market place.”

Sure, Nikki Symons, Marketing Manager

“The name awareness and talk-ability this campaign has generated is frankly well beyond my expectations and everywhere I go people are talking about ‘Bob Littlehampton’. This would not have been possible without the level of interest and involvement Island FM took in my business to create a campaign that has really worked for me”.

Martels Garden World, Chris Padgham, Manager