Sponsorship gives you the opportunity to link your company and brand to a show or feature on the station including…

Traffic and Travel, Weather, Weekend Events plus Seasonal Features.

Sponsorship gives you guaranteed, cost effective, high frequency exposure to help build and maintain awareness of your company. By taking advantage of sponsorship and promotions opportunities, you are able to buy into the unique relationship we share with our audience.

Sponsorship agreements are normally undertaken for a minimum of 13 weeks. Existing sponsors are always offered first refusal to renew agreements.

Here are a few examples of things you could possibly sponsor:

The Breakfast Show
Thousands of your potential customers tune in for information, conversation and great music. As sole sponsor we can provide credits not only during the flagship show but across the rest of the day.

Travel News
Research shows listeners rate travel news as the most important service local radio provides. As sponsor we can provide credits in every bulletin during peaktimes and across the day.

The British obsession! As sponsor of our weather we can provide credits on the hour so our listeners know how to dress and how to plan their weekend.