Advice For Post-Christmas Debt

10th January 2018

January is often seen as a difficult time of year, as lots of people try to deal with post-Christmas debt.

Citizens Advice Guernsey is offering advice throughout the month, to help people deal with money problems.

The organisation is also encouraging anyone who feels out of their depth with money issues to make an appointment with the team, who will then help them come to a decision about what they should do next.


We are being advised not to ignore the problem, as the longer you leave it, the worse it will get.

CEO of Citizens Advice Guernsey, Kate Raleigh, says:

‘It’s not impossible, and hopefully if it was just over Christmas you’ll be able to get back on a straight level fairly soon. But for other people, if it’s more complicated and it’s been building up over a long time, they’re very welcome to come to us. We can help them either sort things out for themselves, or we can negotiate on their behalf. 

You can look at the information on our website. We’ve got some hints going out on Facebook at the moment, over this month because we know it’s a difficult time. But they’re welcome to come in and talk. They don’t have to feel that we’re going to take over, we’re certainly not going to judge. We can help them decide what it is that they want, whether they want help from us or whether they want to do it themselves, and that’s fine.’ 

You can contact Citizens Advice Guernsey by calling 242266, or you can find more information on the organisation’s website.

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