Alderney Legalises Same Sex Marriage

19th October 2017
Allen Jones and Dits Preece have been waiting for years for the chance to get married in Alderney

Allen Jones and Dits Preece have been waiting for years for the chance to get married in Alderney

Same sex marriage is to be legalised in Alderney.

A change in the law was approved in a vote during last night’s States meeting, passing by nine votes to one.

Dits Preece and his partner Allen Jones (pictured above) were there to see history made in the island and gave us their reaction after the announcement was made.

Allen Jones feels the island’s government has finally listened to the views of the public:

“I think it’s a wonderful result! We’re really pleased and it was definitely well worth a visit to the States. We were both really encouraged by what the States members had to say.

“We’re prepared. We have the rings, we have the suits, but we haven’t been able to book a venue or tell our friends when it’s going to happen. At least now we know it will at some point.”

The passing of the law means same sex marriage ceremonies could begin in the island by March next year.

That means the island will join Guernsey in allowing the LGBT community the same rights as straight couples.

The announcement also comes at a time when a similar law is set to get its final approval in Jersey next month, before being enacted there in Spring 2018.

Allen’s partner Dits Preece says just hearing the news make it’s worth the very long wait:

“I can’t believe it! After 13 years of waiting, it’s finally time for us to be able tie the knot in the place we call home. I can’t wait to tell all of our friends!”

Giving same sex couples the option to tie the knot in Alderney could open up the island to more visitors, with friends and family coming over to see their loved ones get married.

Allen Jones believes that’s an exciting option for many sectors of the island’s economy – and he feels it puts the place he calls home on a more equal level with other jurisdictions:

“It is a feather in Alderney’s cap. It’ll portray Alderney as a normal place, not subject to outdated laws, but somewhere where all are welcome – gay or not.”

The news has been welcomed by many on social media, including the Channel Islands’ equality charity, Liberate:

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