Alderney Seeking ‘More Independence’

21st April 2017
Alderney from the skies (Stock Image)

Alderney from the skies (Stock Image)

Alderney is trying to gain more independence from Guernsey.

This week’s states debate in the island saw Alderney politicians talk about running their own finances.

States Member, Graham McKinley, who also one of the island’s representatives in Guernsey’s government, says more decisions need to be made locally:

“We are working jointly with Guernsety to take more control of our finances. That should take place next year and be fully enforced in the coming years too. We’ll hopefully be able to run things like excise duty and property duty.”

However, he believes there cannot be a complete split:

“We’ll still have the transfer services such as education, healthcare, the airport and our roads, but we are trying to slightly go forward in our direction with our own money.”

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