Annual bin charges to come through this week

19th February 2019

Image from Sky News

Guernsey residents can expect an £85 bill through the door this week, as part of the new waste charges.

The bill comes from the States and is a fixed annual charge to be paid by each household.

We’re told the money will be used to sort, process, export and treat household waste and recycling, along with the recently introduced ‘pay as you throw’ charges.

Those living in social housing or private rental accommodation will not receive a bill directly, but may have the bill passed onto them by their landlord or property management agent.

In the past, households have been given a bill by the parish to cover the costs of collecting and disposing of their waste, which was based on the size of their property.

However, from now on the parish charge – which can be expected later on this year – will only cover the collection of waste and not its disposal.

Guernsey Waste Operations Manager, Sarah Robinson, says:

‘We sent leaflets to every household in late 2018 and again last month, explaining the new charges and when they would come in.

‘It mentioned the bills for the new £85 fixed charge would be sent out this month, so we think most people will have been expecting this.

‘It also explained the collection costs would be covered as an entirely separate bill, from the parish, later in the year.

‘The fixed charge is due to be paid within 30 days of the date the bill is issued.

‘However, if anyone is going to find it difficult to pay in full by then, all we ask is they get in contact.

‘We can then agree a payment plan.’

The States has reiterated that the new charges should cost households the equivalent of about £6 per week for the year, and aim to encourage islanders to reduce what they’re throwing away.

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