Asian Hornets continue to cause problems in Guernsey

10th August 2018

Two further Asian hornet nests have been treated in St Peter’s, this week.

The first was a small nest found in a hedgehog house, close to the last nest which was treated high up in a tree.

The second was bigger, and located in some brambles near a vinery about 600m from the others.

Another nest, which was located in St Andrews last week, will be treated as soon as possible – taking the total number of nests found this year to five.

We’re told teams will continue to search around St Andrews, where Asian hornets have been feeding on the sap of an oak tree, and seemed to be ‘squabbling’ with each other, suggesting they’re not from the same nest.

Meanwhile, the Guernsey public has raised more than £4,500 to go towards tracking devices, which could help locate the nests.

If you see what you suspect to be an Asian Hornet, please call 234567.

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