Aurigny’s Gatwick Team Makes A ‘Positive Change’

19th March 2018

Aurigny’s new Gatwick team has been introduced successfully, according to the airline.

The London Gatwick route has also seen an increase in passenger numbers, as the latest figures show the airline carried nearly 7,000 extra passengers on the route from November to February, compared to the same period last year.

We are told the introduction of the Gatwick team in early December has seen strong punctuality results, with around 90% of flights departing within 15 minutes of the scheduled time, excluding weather-related delays.

Guernsey FC have said they noticed a difference when travelling with the airline, and director, Nic Legg, says:

‘We have noticed a massive positive change in Aurigny’s customer service at Gatwick. The team are warm and friendly and make you look forward to check-in. A smile and a friendly face really does go a long way and has made the whole experience of travelling with Aurigny much more pleasurable.’

One regular customer, Steve Cliff, who works in the finance industry, says:

‘My impression is that the Aurigny staff at Gatwick really care, and it’s a massive change from what went before. One or two deserve a real pat on the back. Keep up the good work.’

Aurigny’s Deputy Ground Operations Manager and UK Performance Manager, Kieran Yule, based at Gatwick, says:

‘It has been a very challenging time with several obstacles to tackle. These latest results are a testament to the enthusiasm, commitment and hard work of the new team. Knowing I have the right team in place can only continue to build on this level of service. On the very first day of the launch, we were so encouraged by the level of support and kind messages from the public. Now, with the Gatwick team in place, Aurigny staff are always here to greet them with a smile and answer any questions, and our ground team work hard to keep operations running smoothly and transfer baggage as efficiently and carefully as possible.’

Aurigny CEO, Mark Darby, says:

‘The London Gatwick route is such an important lifeline service for the island, so the quality of service we offer here is absolutely vital for Guernsey and the wider economy. As one of the UK’s busiest airports, communication had always been one of the biggest challenges we faced at Gatwick. However, having our own team based at the airport has made a considerable difference and has made it a lot easier for us to get the right information to customers. I’d like to thank out Gatwick team for their continued hard work, in what has been a busy, challenging and rewarding few months. I’d also like to thank the travelling public.’ 

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