BMA supports possible ‘opt-out’ organ donation scheme

28th November 2018

The British Medical Association has spoken out in support of a possible ‘opt-out’ organ donation scheme in the Bailiwick.

The Guernsey and Alderney Division of the BMA commented on the matter yesterday, with the States due to debate proposals for a new scheme today.

If approved, the plans would presume islanders would like to donate their organs after death, unless they ask to be removed from the register.

In a statement, the BMA said:

‘Doctors in Guernsey are well aware of the tragic circumstances that sometimes arise when someone’s life is blighted by organ failure.

‘It is particularly upsetting when the doctor knows that an appropriate transplanted organ would transform a patient’s life, but none are available.

‘Sometimes the lack of organs are because of a conscious decision not to donate, but far more commonly it is the result of lack of thought or events surrounding death that makes obtaining consent difficult.

‘A policy of presumed consent unless opted out has the potential to transform organ availability.

‘Knowing that a loved one’s organs have helped others to live healthy lives can also be a great comfort in bereavement.’

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