Budget 2018: Aurigny Losses ‘Worrying’

11th October 2017
(Credit: Aurigny)

(Credit: Aurigny)

Aurigny needs to make amends for its growing losses.

Deputy Gavin St Pier says the airline’s forecast loss of £3.9 million for 2018 needs to be tackled urgently.

The figures have been published as part of the 2018 Budget, which you read in full here.

The news follows previous sets of worrying financial results for the States-owned airline.

However, the Policy and Resources President believes there will be an upturn in Aurigny’s fortunes at some point:

“Clearly the position of Aurigny is not sustainable as it is. That’s the reason why the Strategic Review was undertaken and some actions have been taken to restructure the airline.

“We need to address the position of how we openly support the Alderney/Guernsey Aurigny route as a lifelink link to the northern isle. That is an action that needs to be undertaken in 2018.”


(Credit: Aurigny)

(Credit: Aurigny)

In response, Aurigny says it is working to address its financial woes.

The airline has defended its predicted multi million pound losses for next year by saying that isn’t as bad as this year’s losses – and it promises the situation will improve further in the future.

Chairman, Andrew Haining, said:

“The financial performance of the airline is something that all of us at Aurigny take very seriously and are continually trying to improve. The forecast for 2018 shows a considerable improvement over the position 12 months ago.

“We are confident our losses can be significantly reduced next year, and there are a number of recently announced changes the Board has developed to improve our position further. This includes recent changes to our London operations where we are ending the London City route at the end of this month and introducing our own London Gatwick ground handling operations in early December, as well as the launch of our brand-new website and fares structure.

“We are certain that the introduction of a “Public Service Obligation” for the Alderney route and the associated subsidy, will further help us to address our financial position. Having said this, I can assure everyone that the Board and the airline’s management are far from complacent and know what is needed going forward.

“With many exciting developments ahead, we look forward to further improving the services we provide our customers and will continue to look at other changes we can make to improve both the efficiency and financial performance of Aurigny.”

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