Christmas anti-drink drive campaign ends

8th January 2019

Guernsey Police’s festive anti-drink drive campaign has come to an end.

We’re told officers have randomly stopped 853 vehicles over the five week campaign – breath-testing 43 of the drivers and making six arrests as a result.

Road Policing Sergeant, Tom Marshall, says:

‘We are extremely pleased at the general reaction, it certainly got people talking – not just among themselves, but to us; there has been a marked increase in the amount of information we receive from the public about suspected drink-drivers.

‘I want to thanks everyone who called us – you may well have saved lives.

‘It is disappointing we caught three people with exceptionally high readings, and three people within 24 hours, but there was also a two-week stint with no arrests at all.’

Mr Marshall added:

‘To be clear: we are stopping the Christmas anti-drive drive campaign because Christmas is over, not because there’s now a drink-driver amnesty until the summer campaign.

‘Enforcement will not cease, random sport checks not end, our zero-tolerance approach not relaxed and there remains no excuse.’

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