Circus Fall Shocks Audience Members

15th May 2018

Audience members at last night’s opening performance of Gandeys Circus -which is currently visiting the island – suffered a shock, when a 23-year-old man fell from what is known as the ‘Double Giant Space Wheel’.

Howie is pictured at the top of the wheel

Paramedics were called, swiftly arrived on the scene and the performer was taken to the Princess Elizabeth Hospital.

This video was taken by Vicki Bennalick, who attended last night’s performance:

We are told Howie, who is part of the ‘Gerlings’ from Columbia has not broken any bones, and is currently resting at the hotel.

Howie will take an evening off tonight, but is expected to be back in the wheel for tomorrow’s show at 4.45pm. He has since been back to the scene:

One Ringmaster, Binky Beaumont, says:

‘All performers are very heavily trained in when you fall, how to fall. We thought at first he had broken his femur – off he went to the hospital. We got the news at about 1.30am this morning that he hadn’t broken anything, and he was, at this point, sat up asking how everyone else was, and where was his costume.

This morning we got a phone call at about 9 o’clock from our ticket agency to tell us that the phone lines had melted. Everyone was ringing up to ask how he was and what had happened. When we went to the show, to open up the box office there was a dozen people there all with presents, chocolates and flowers for Howie, to see how he was. That’s been like that all day, and there’s been so much on social media about it.’

The show will continue throughout this week, opposite the track on Victoria Avenue in St Sampsons, and you can book tickets at the box office, or online here.

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