Coffee Shop’s Bid To Reduce Single-Use Waste

14th April 2019

Credit: Café Délices

A town coffee shop is going to stop issuing single-use coffee cups for takeaway drinks from tomorrow.

Café Délices on Market Street will instead be insisting on takeaway coffees being in reusable cups.

Andy Taylor, the managing director of Barnaby which runs the café, says they used a huge number of the cups throughout the year.

“Last year, we gave out around 16,000 single-use cups and lids which I’m ashamed to admit. It’s a huge problem, but we’re only a small player in this and that’s how many we’re putting out.

“When you see them stacked up on a pallet when they arrive and think ‘hang on these are all going in the bin’, it’s a mad problem. It’ll be hopefully 16,000 in the year that we save.”

All takeaway hot drinks will be served in a ‘HuskeeCup’ – which is made from coffee husk, a raw, organic waste material thats produced at the milling stage of coffee production and normally destined for landfill.

Customers who use the ‘HuskeeCup’ will pay £10 for the first purchase of coffee – and then a reduced price of £2 from then on for all hot drinks including lattes, cappuccinos and flat whites.

Mr Taylor says he got inspiration for the idea from a UK company.

“I’ve been inspired by a ‘Boston Tea Party’ over in the UK who have taken a hit on their sales.

“Obviously you lose the convenience market, but it’s actually getting people behind the idea and realising just how big the problem is.

Café Délices owner Andy Taylor

“Business needs to give a little nudge to help people realise and make it as easy as possible for them to change this single-use habit.”

The move comes after Guernsey  introduced a new waste strategy, to encourage islanders to carefully consider what they throw away.

In the effort to reduce waste, Café Délices has replaced packets of sugar with pourers and bottles of still water are no longer on the menu.

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