Condor Adds Extra Day-Trips For Sports Groups

16th April 2018

Condor will be supporting inter-island sports fixtures next year, by putting on extra day-trip sailings between Jersey and Guernsey.

Four initial dates have been confirmed for Spring 2019, after the Guernsey Sports Commission and Jersey Sport consulted local clubs and associations.

Sailings on Sunday 10th March and Saturday 6th April have been scheduled to allow day-long activities in Jersey, while Sunday 24th March and Sunday 12th May have been selected for day-trips to Guernsey.

It is understood that it was too late to influence the already-advertised 2018 schedule. However, the Condor team hope this much notice will allow sports groups to adjust their 2019 fixture schedules to take advantage of the sailings.

Three out of the four sailings have been added specifically because of sporting arrangements, but the general public will also be able to buy tickets for the trips.

Condor Ferries Chief Executive, Paul Luxon, says:

‘We take our responsibility as the main ferry provider in the islands very seriously, supporting the local and visitor economies, so are pleased to be able to help the sporting community through these dedicated sailings next year, all of which can be booked from the end of April. 

The working relationship with Jersey Sport, the Guernsey Sports Commission and the Sports Tourism Action Group has been very positive and we hope to build on these partnerships and further develop inter-island sporting links.’ 

Guernsey Sports Commission Commissioner and Chairman of Guernsey’s Sports Tourism Action Group, David Piesing, says:

‘The four dates that Condor have come up with so far for 2019 will be a massive help in reinvigorating inter-insulars with lots of spectators now also able to travel to support their respective teams, just like they used to in the past. 

Additional dates may well be added later in the summer but in order for this very welcome and much needed offering to be sustainable it is vital that sports bodies in both islands buy into it and give their full support. Condor are going out of their way here to amend their schedules to help Channel Islands sport, and they have been keen to do this for quite some time. 

The Guernsey Sports Commission and the new team at Jersey Sport will work closely together and also with the sports bodies in each island to try to ensure that it is a roaring success.’ 

The extra day-trips will be available for booking at the end of April, through Condor’s Groups department, on 01202 207242.

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