Consultation shows support for ‘modernised’ Marriage Laws

11th September 2018

Your views on proposals to change Marriage Laws in the Bailiwick have been published.

The Policy and Resources consultation shows support for proposals to simplify the rules on where and how people can get married and give celebrants greater authority.

The proposals included allowing ceremonies to take place outdoors and in territorial waters, allowing more people to conduct ceremonies and giving couples more choice on when their ceremony takes place and what content is included.

We’re told the proposals seek to simplify procedures and ensure the changes are inclusive, while maintaining sufficient safeguards to protect against illegal, sham and forced marriages.

Member of the Policy and Resources Committee, Deputy Jane Stephens, says:

‘We are pleased that the proposals presented to simplify, make more inclusive and modernise the marriage procedures and formalities are reflective of the majority of the public views received.

‘We understand that the issue of how and where people get married is important to the community.

‘We will now finalise the proposals and present these in a policy letter to the States before the end of the year.’

361 people shared their views on the potential changes to the law.

You can access the findings of the report here.

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