Couple Calling For Marriage Approval

12th October 2017
Alan Jones and Dits Preece

Alan Jones and Dits Preece

A same-sex couple in Alderney are hoping the island’s politicians will give marriage legislation the green light.

States members are due to consider the matter in their meeting next week, but it was also discussed at the People’s Meeting last night.

Alan Jones and his partner Dits Preece say they’ve ignored calls from their friends to tie the knot in the UK instead:

“We’ve waited a long time for this particular situation. All of our friends on the mainland say ‘why don’t you get married in the UK’, but of course, as soon as we arrive back in Alderney, we’re not legally married in the island where we live.

“Any movement now to speed it up would be much appreciated.”

Residents and politicians gathered for the island's People's Meeting last night

Residents and politicians gathered for the island’s People’s Meeting last night

Dits is feeling excited at the prospect of being able to tie the knot in a place they call home. However he knows it all depends on politicians giving their seal of approval:

“This is where we should get married. The bulk of our friends from England and Guernsey would be even willing to travel to Alderney to be a part of the wedding. 

“They’d even make a holiday of it!”

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