Delays Warning Over ESC Secondary Schools Plan

14th November 2017

There are concerns the planned debate on secondary education next month could be delayed.

Deputy Neil Inder has posted a warning on his social media pages saying he’ll ‘call out’ any deputies who try to disrupt the planned debate.


The Committee for Policy and Resources controls when items are debated by the States of Guernsey and at the end of each meeting, deputies agree the agenda for the next one.

At the moment, the proposals for the future model of secondary education could be debated during the meeting scheduled to start on Wednesday the 13th December. That is only if deputies agree that schedule at the end of their meeting which is due to start on Wednesday the 29th November.

However, other ‘big issues’, like the proposals for changes to health services, also need to be debated as soon as possible.


Deputy Inder says December is the last time Education, Sport and Culture can get their proposals for the future of secondary education through the States if they want to start building a new school next year. That is a major part of the plans but the actual development will still need to go out to tender.

Any more delays could see that tender process pushed back, and even if the development is approved, building work could be delayed which could set back the introduction of the new model of secondary education.

Posting on Facebook Deputy Inder says:

‘Education Sport and Culture are expecting the debate for our Policy Letter to be dealt with on December 13th. Any move by Policy and Resources to move our business to the January sitting will be viewed as a delaying – and will be called as such immediately.

December is the last time we can debate to before we go to tender for the LMDC build. A delay to January may put the tender and build back a year’.

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