Dogs should not be ‘impulse buy’ – States Vet

14th December 2018

As the season of gift-giving gets underway, Guernsey’s States Vet is warning islanders of the responsibilities around buying and caring for a dog.

David Chamberlain is reminding everyone that dogs should not be an impulse buy, and can live for many years.

He says it should be carefully thought through first:

‘A dog is a huge commitment and is something that’s going to be with for potentially fifteen or more years.

‘Over the lifetime of that dog you are going to end up spending somewhere between £20,000 and £30,000.

‘This is not an impulse buy and you wouldn’t buy something for £20,000 without doing a lot of investigation into it first.’

Mr Chamberlain is also advising islanders to visit puppies in their home environment before buying them:

‘We are very keen that people behave responsibly.

‘They don’t buy on impulse, they don’t buy a gift for someone who doesn’t necessarily want it or isn’t expecting it.

‘So it has to be a family decision and it has to be done properly so that means going to see the bitch that produced the puppies and going to check the puppies out in their home environment.

‘You don’t want to buying something over the internet or through a telephone ad.

‘There’s a new piece of legislation that has been approved in the UK which stops all third party sales of dogs, so if you want to buy a dog you have to go to the person that produced it.’

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