All Encouraged To Read P&R Plan

12th October 2016

states-of-guernsey-logoWe’re all being encouraged to read the Policy and Resources Plan before the States debate it next month.

Deputy Gavin St Pier wants it to ensure priorities are set and met by Guernsey’s government.

He promises it will go further than previous plans:

“I would urge as many people as possible to get hold of a copy. The programme of Government is very easy to read – and is written in clear and unambiguous language.” 

deputy st pierThe new Policy and Resources Plan is said to be aimed at everyone – not just the business community.

We asked Deputy Gavin St Pier why he gave the Institute of Directors and Thrive seminars speeches – referring to his Committee’s plans for Guernsey’s future – before it was released publicly.

He has assured us that it is aimed at improving island life for everyone – and not just people in those groups:

“There has been a lot of engagement with different elements of the community as an ongoing conversation – but now it needs to be implemented by the States in November. Hopefully it can then become a planning framework for all to follow.”

The neglected Disability and Inclusion Strategy will benefit from the new Policy and Resources Plan if the States agree to adopt it.

Deputy Gavin St Pier thinks implementing this new vision will also help that area:

“There’s been a lot of criticism around not having the resources devoted to allow that strategy to be delivered – and that’s exactly what this process is aimed at achieving. It will help us be sure of what we can deliver and how that will happen.”

The unveiling of the first stage of the plan has been welcomed by the Chair of the Guernsey Disability Alliance, Robin Le Prevost, in the following statement:


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