ESC ‘Plan for Sport’ survey results published

8th November 2018

Nearly 1,000 Bailiwick residents took part in a States survey, which will help the Committee for Education, Sport and Culture come up with a ‘Plan for Sport’.

Individuals and clubs were invited to give their opinions on healthy lifestyles, sports events and travel, facilities and sporting governance earlier this year.

Cost seemed to be a problem for a lot of respondents, with 77% of respondents stating it as an issue, while 75% believed sport should be available and subsidised on prescription from a health professional.

While the majority of people who answered the questionnaire were very active, some said they don’t have enough time, lack the motivation and feel uncomfortable taking part.

President of the Committee, Deputy Matt Fallaize, says:

‘It is clear to see from the initial results of the consultation that sport and general physical activity offer many benefits to our community as a whole. 

‘And that’s not just in terms of physical health – but in other areas such as self-confidence and belied, mental health and a sense of wellbeing and community. 

‘ A plan for sport will support and complement a range of existing States strategies, such as the Committee for Health and Social Care’s “Partnership of Purpose”, and the “Healthy Weight Strategy” being delivered by the Health Improvement Commission, both of which have a clear focus on prevention rather than treatment. 

‘The initial results from the consultation have been really enlightening and have indicate some clear community needs and desires, alongside some real practical challenges and barriers that need to be overcome.’

ESC will now work with other States and non-government organisations to come up with a suitable strategy.

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