First waste shipments leave island

13th December 2018

The first exports of processed waste have left Guernsey.

Two tanks of pre-processed food waste was among the first shipment to leave the island yesterday, on its journey to Poole.

The material will now undergo anaerobic digestion to produce electricity, liquid fertiliser and compost.

Refuse derived fuel is made up of our general commercial and household waste, which is mechanically shredded at the transfer station before being compacted, baled and sent off.

Guernsey has signed a contract with international waste export specialist, Geminor UK – which is responsible for the waste after it leaves the station.

It’s understood Geminor will export material from Guernsey, the UK and Ireland to a high efficiency recovery facility in Sweden.

We’re told the island will still benefit though, as the operator gets income from process outputs in Sweden which then offsets its costs.

Since last week, our household waste has been diverted to the new facility at Longue Hougue, from Mont Cuet.

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