Fisheries Management Agreement Re-Instated

20th December 2016

The Bailiwick’s Fisheries Management Agreement has been re-instated.

The agreement is the basis for the Bailiwick to licence and manage commercial fishing up to 12 nautical miles from our shores.

In 2011 the FMA was signed, however it was then suspended by the UK in 2015. This was because of a disagreement between the Bailiwick and HM Government on the introduction of a EU fishing quota.

Guernsey instigated a judicial review which led to £150,000 of legal costs.

Deputy Peter Ferbrache, President of the Committee for Economic Development says:

‘The re-instatement of the Fisheries Management Agreement is very important for our local fishing industry as it provides stability and security for our fishermen. This has been a complex matter and we are very aware of the impact that the uncertainty caused by this dispute has had on Bailiwick fishermen, who we have consulted during negotiations and also during the period of suspension of the FMA.states-of-guernsey-logo

‘We have tried to find a balance which results in the best outcome for Bailiwick fishermen in the circumstances.

‘The new licence condition was implemented without delay to pave the way for this re-instatement of the FMA.

‘It is hoped, and anticipated, that the small number of fishing businesses immediately affected will be able to successfully adapt their businesses to these changed circumstances.’

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