Gavin St Pier responds to abusive email

10th January 2019

Deputy St Pier shared the content of the two emails on Twitter with ITN journalist Alastair Stewart

Gavin St Pier has spoken out against the email abuse sent to him and 22 other deputies.

The president of Policy and Resources was targeted over his support for the change in the organ donation system in the island.

He says he’s received many pieces of angry correspondence but this particular one went further than others.

‘The reality is that we as deputies, certainly in the six years I’ve been an elected representative, receive many pieces of correspondence over that time, but I think this certainly perhaps crossed a threshold which I haven’t previously seen or experienced before,’ said deputy St Pier.

‘I think many times people can express themselves strongly and can be quite offensive, but I think this was taking it to a different level.

‘I’m not surprised, in the sense that obviously it’s something I’ve been seeing and witnessing in the last few years and I think clearly the ease and access to social media, which is such an immediate forum, that people have the opportunity to react and respond.

‘Their first reaction or response may be a knee-jerk one therefore produces a level of offence they might not otherwise offer up if they had a chance to reflect and consider further.’

Guernsey Police will not be taking action in this instance, but say freedom of speech should not be used as a ‘mechanism for allowing threatening or abusive language’.

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