‘Good Appetite’ for Crowd-Funded Ferry

14th March 2018

The man behind the idea to crowd-fund an inter-island ferry service says there has been a good appetite for his scheme.

David Piesing posted the outline for a ferry service funded by individuals on Facebook three weeks ago and since then has received around 200 expressions of interest.

Under his plans, the fund would need to raise up to £2 million in capital from residents of the Channel Islands.

There would be a minimum investment of £500 per investor, and with each unit of £500 the investor would be eligible for a voucher that equates to a free return trip between the islands.

If such a scheme were to come about the company would then lease two ferries to be based in Guernsey and Jersey where they would start and end their day’s travel.

Ideally, Mr Piesing says, the desired service would have up to four daily return sailings with the number of crossings decided by what day it is and whether it’s the summer season, or the off-season.

He says he’s had around 200 expressions of interest from around the islands.

The full text of David Piesing’s Facebook post

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