Grammar School hosts mock referendum

11th October 2018

The counting of the votes in yesterday’s referendum will soon get underway.

If 40% of those on the electoral role went and had their say at a polling station between 8am and 8pm, the winning option will be implemented by the States of Guernsey for future elections.

Meanwhile, the Guernsey Grammar School and Sixth Form Centre held a mock referendum yesterday, and saw 764 students and staff cast their votes.

The pupils were given an assembly on the five different options last week, before making up their minds on which electoral system would suit the island in the future.

Option C won the mock vote overall, with 51% of students and staff putting it down as their first choice.

Option A received 20%, 16% voted for Option E, Option B had 8% of votes and Option D was given 5%.

There were 17 spoilt papers.

We will bring you updates on the result of Guernsey first referendum as we receive them.

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