Group Calls For Population Delays

20th March 2017
(Credit: The Confederation of Guernsey Industry)

(Credit: The Confederation of Guernsey Industry)

A leading business group is calling for a delay in the introduction of new population legislation.

The Confederation of Guernsey Industry believes the island is in grave danger of ruining its quality of life.

Chairman, Clive McMinn, says the regulations surrounding shorter stays are particularly concerning.

He is calling on those in power to think again:

“The people who are affected by this are classed as unskilled, but they are not. They are absolutely essential to Guernsey’s economy. Unless the law is amended, the infrastructure and the way of life of the island is in peril. 

We only realised that when the proposals were published, hence the urgency to address this potentially catastrophic draining of skills from the Guernsey economy. We have even lost the safety net of the open market.”

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