Groves family continue to seek ‘Justice for Sarah’

15th December 2018

After almost 150 hearings in the trial of the man accused of murdering Sarah Groves, we’re told there has been little tangible progress.

Sarah’s father, Vic Groves, says it has caused great frustration for the family.

Miss Groves was killed while on a houseboat in Kashmir in 2013 at the age of 24.

The case received a lot of attention from international media at the time and Richard de Wit was arrested immediately after the incident and charged with her murder.

However, five years later, Sarah’s family is calling for support from the British Government to force matters to a safe conclusion.

Earlier this year, Vic and Kate Groves set up a petition seeking ‘Justice for Sarah‘, which now has more than 18,000 signatures.

Vic Groves says:

‘We’re in a constant cycle of either witnesses not turning up or legal issues in court over the defense counsel or – the biggest issue at the moment – civil unrest.

‘I think it’s an absolute disgrace and we don’t think it would happen anywhere else in the world.

‘People are not punished for not attending.

‘The case moved to a new court in August 2017 and I think we’ve had five or six witnesses through since then and that was the 100th hearing. 

‘In about 45 hearings we’ve only had five or six witnesses through.’

There are two hearings scheduled for next week.

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