Growing controversy over Little Chapel cafe plans

18th February 2019

Plans to build a cafe and gift shop on the Little Chapel site are proving controversial.

We’re told the popular tourist attraction costs more than £50,000 to run each year, and it’s thought proceeds from the proposed on-site cafe and shop could go towards its upkeep.

However, some of the islands deputies have been speaking out against the plans.

Deputy Mary Lowe says it would change the landmark’s atmosphere:

‘It isn’t a modern place, there shouldn’t be modern buildings around the Little Chapel.

‘The Little Chapel should stand on its own and not have any distractions around it.

‘The whole surroundings, whether that’s the Blanchelande site or the Little Chapel – it’s old, it should be old and it’s part of our heritage.

‘Look somewhere else to do that sort of thing I think.’

Meanwhile, Deputy Joe Mooney says there’s no need for it:

‘One of the things I think they’ll find will be serious competition for them is the Last Post, which is in walking distance of the Little Chapel.

‘So, I think they’ve done a fantastic job with the restoration but in regards to cafes, gardens, walkways and admission tours – not necessary.’

Around £350,000 has been spent so far on restoring the landmark, which is due to open again in April this year.

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