GSPCA appeals for hedgehog help

3rd December 2018

As we move towards the winter months, the GSPCA has seen a big rise in the number of hedgehogs needing care.

The shelter is currently looking after 114 sick or injured hedgehogs, and has had to make more room to accommodate them.

It’s commonly thought hedgehogs would be hibernating by this time of the year, but we’re told they struggle to settle unless the temperature is below 5°C.

The charity is currently appealing for islanders to help the creatures by putting out food, water and shelter.

GSPCA Manager, Steve Byrne, says:

‘Of any one species we help more hedgehogs than any other single species of animals in our care at any time, and this winter is proving to be an extremely difficult time for our spiky garden friends.

‘It is hard to remember a day that we haven’t had hedgehogs rescued or brought in to the Shelter and normally we are seeing many each day.’

If you are concerned about a hedgehog you can call the GSPCA 24 hours a day on 257261.

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