Guernsey As A Wedding Venue

12th March 2019

Guernsey would welcome people coming to the islands to get married according to the president of Policy & Resources.

Following the updating of marriage laws in the States Deputy Gavin St Pier says wedding tourism to the island would be an interesting benefit of the changes.

‘Clearly if it means it’s much easier for people to come and take advantage of a beautiful location, to have their wedding, to suit that particularly couple in the future, fantastic. I would welcome it’.

He says government should not play a role in where or when a couple wish to tie the knot.

‘The thinking is that actually the State Government should not be involved in these decisions. If two people want to get married, how they choose to do so, where they choose to do it, at what time, in what building, should be of no interest and this is what’s underlining the changes’.

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