Guernsey Police release statement on death of Mikus Alps

14th September 2018

Guernsey Police say they’ve explored ‘every legitimate avenue’ to try and establish the cause of death of Mikus Alps, and are linking the findings to other ongoing enquiries.

In a statement to the island’s media, Chief Officer Patrick Rice acknowledges the desire for more information, but says the investigation was always going to be ‘lengthy and complex’.

We’re told the nature of the remains, which were found in a burnt out car at the beginning of the year, led to a request for specialist forensic examinations, which had to be carried by off-island experts.

However, Mr Rice said he was ‘unable to provide details of those findings at this stage, as the work is linked to other ongoing enquiries’.

Guernsey Police are now seeking to bring the experts who have supported the investigation together, to examine and discuss all forensic findings, to help ‘ensure clarity’.

It’s understood the investigation is in its ‘latter stages’ and that more information will be provided when all lines of enquiry are complete.

Mr Rice says:

‘I would again repeat the facts that I am able to confirm at this stage.

‘The investigation has so far established that the remains found in the vehicle in January were that of Mikus Alps.

‘A handwriting expert confirmed that a letter handed into police, which was sombre and reflective in content, was written by Mr Alps.

‘The remains of a shotgun were also found in the car next to the remains of Mr Alps.

‘Mr Alps was a supporter of a pro-Ukrainian movement and had visited the country.

‘We are aware that Mr Alps’ Facebook account has been active since his remains were found; it is not uncommon for people to share their social media log-in details with others.

‘Based on what we have established so far, there is no evidence linking Mr Alps’ activity in Ukraine with his remains being found in a burnt-out car in Guernsey.’

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