Guernsey Resident Blows Out Candles For 107th Birthday

19th November 2016
Photo from Gillian Mawson's website on WWII evacuees

Photo from Gillian Mawson’s website on WWII evacuees

Guernsey’s oldest resident is turning 107 today!

Mrs Ruth Berry was born Ruth Simon in 1909. She has lived through two World Wars and was among the many thousands of people evacuated from Guernsey during the Occupation. She travelled to England with her three young children and you can read her story on Gillian Mawson’s website here.

Having spent years in St Helen’s in Lancashire and then on the south coast of England, during what her son has described as a ‘terrible time’, she returned to Guernsey and was heavily involved in her local church when her children and grandchildren were growing up.

Mrs Berry is also an award winning jam maker and only stopped making her own in recent months.

She is said to be in good health, having recovered from a recent fall and her son, former States member Roger Berry, says he doesn’t expect this to be her last birthday. He says she is a very special lady with a determination in life. Mr Berry says there are no secrets to his mother’s long life – saying she has enjoyed many of the things we are often told to avoid. Mr Berry says she has always eaten Guernsey and Sark butter, and preferred goats milk to cows milk. One of Mrs Berry’s sisters also lived to be more than 100.

Mrs Berry is believed to be Guernsey’s oldest resident but data protection rules have meant this can’t be confirmed officially. However, Island FM was told there are only two people in the island over the age of 105 and only one of those is older than 106.

Mrs Berry will be celebrating her 107th birthday, and the accolade of being Guernsey’s oldest resident, with a party due to be attended by up to 40 people. Her three sons and daughter will be with her along with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren and some family friends.

You can hear the full interview with Mrs Berry’s son here. 

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