Guernsey’s Waste Strategy Goes Ahead

17th February 2017

Guernsey’s waste strategy has been passed un-amended. It follows two days of lengthy debate in the States chamber.

The States of Guernsey can now start work on exporting our waste off-island. However, one proposition could see Policy & Resources increasing the cost of the strategy. If this happens, the entire set of propositions could be brought before the States once again.

The President of the States Trading Supervisory Board, Deputy Charles Parkinson, is hoping it won’t need to be discussed again, but says the option remains open.

‘I can confirm that if it looks likely that the costs of the capital projects are going to exceed the revised sums, which you can see in this paper, I will come back to this assembly to make a statement and you will have an opportunity to ask questions’.

Waste remains a big talking point in the island (Credit: Sky News)



An extra three million pounds has been agreed to fund the project. It was forecast to cost around three hundred million pounds but more is needed to cover the costs.

Deputy Neil Inder raised concerns about increasing costs before it was voted through.

It was also decided today that Guernsey’s kerbside recycling scheme will be protected and our recycling targets will remain.

A final amendment to see the strategy reviewed after three years was thrown out.

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