Expert Confirms Letter Writer As Mikus Alps

9th February 2018

Guernsey Police have confirmed that a letter handed into them which gave detailed instructions relating to the possessions of Mikus Alps’, whose body was found in a burnt out car was indeed written by Mr Alps.

Body parts belonging to the Guernsey resident were found in his car near Petit Bot in early January.

In a statement issued today by Guernsey Police, Chief Officer Patrick Rice says they have received confirmation from a UK handwriting expert that the letter handed in, which was sombre and reflective in nature, was written by Mr Alps.

He confirms that the cause of death has not yet been determined, further forensic examination is due to take place on 13th February in the UK.

This was the earliest date this could be carried out, as the Pathologist requested the presence of an additional expert.

Mr Rice repeated that there is no evidence linking Mr Alps’ activity in Ukraine with his car being found burnt-out in Guernsey.

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