Harbour Dredging Begins

10th February 2018

(Credit: Locate Guernsey)

Dredging work begins today in St Peter Port harbour.

We’re told it will improve a number of areas used by visiting vessels.

Approximately 23,000 cubic metres of material is expected to be removed.

The operation will focus on the Victoria Marina, between the Albert and Victoria (Crown)
Piers, and two areas adjacent to the marina entrance in what is known as ‘the pool’.

Dredging operations were last carried out in St Peter Port Harbour in 2015 and 2016.

“Recent surveys have confirmed a build-up of material has reduced the depth of navigable water in a number of areas. This dredging operation will focus on some of these, to provide better access for larger vessels, less restricted by the tidal range, and allow us to optimise the pontoon configuration, which could provide revenue opportunities. The chance of vessels grounding within the harbour on low tides will also be greatly reduced.” – Captain Chad Murray

The Swan pontoons, which provide walk ashore moorings in the pool for visitors and some
local vessels, will have to be temporarily removed during some of the dredging operation.

The work is expected to last six weeks, and has been timed so that is complete ahead of the main visitor season which starts at Easter.

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