Hautes Capelles Earns Healthy Schools Award

11th January 2018

Hautes Capelles Primary School is to be presented with a Guernsey Healthy Schools Award.

Lady Corder will present the school with the award during the children’s assembly.

Hautes Capelles

It is the second school to achieve the new Guernsey award, which has been based on a scheme running successfully in Essex.

The Healthy Schools programme is designed to support and strengthen the schools’ PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) curriculum, as well as enable the schools to audit their practice.

The award will help celebrate the good work the schools are doing to support and develop young people’s health and wellbeing.

In order to be presented with the award, a whole-school approach must be taken, engaging pupils, staff and the community.

It also includes standards that are required to be met in various areas, including leadership and management, giving children and young people a voice and partnerships and support services.

Healthy Schools also supports Guernsey’s Children and Young People’s Plan and Healthy Weight Strategy, and hopes schools will educate pupils on how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Over the past year, staff have assigned a grade to each criterion and submitted their document to the Healthy Schools team for validation.

Three members of the team then visited the school to discuss the achievements and evidence, and verified that the standards had been met.

Lifelong Learning Manager, Alun Williams, says:

‘We are delighted that Lady Corder has agreed to present the Guernsey Healthy Schools award to Hautes Capelles Primary Schools. The staff and pupils have worked extremely hard to meet all the criteria. We have been really impressed at the very high standards achieved.

Schools are increasingly demonstrating a commitment to ensuring that the health and wellbeing of young people is a key priority and that this has been reflected in the hard work put in by pupils and staff at Hautes Capelles.’ 

Headteacher of Hautes Capelles Primary School, Sue Coughlin, says:

‘We are very proud to achieve the Healthy Schools Award, in particular the recognition of the school’s strength in promoting and supporting the emotional health and wellbeing for the children in our school.’ 

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