High achievers to be supported in new ESC policy

11th February 2019

The Committee for Education, Sport and Culture has introduced a policy to support high-achieving students in the Bailiwick, ahead of the transition to one all-ability school across two sites.

Image from Sky News

From September this year, Guernsey’s secondary schools will accept their first year group of all-ability students.

ESC is looking to ensure the highest attaining pupils are challenged and supported enough, with the introduction of a new policy.

High-achieving students will be identified by baseline data from the end of Year 6, while those who show a particular talent and interest in any area will be marked as having ‘high potential’.

A pilot scheme will be launched for those with high potential, possibly including extra tuition for pupils with a passion for a particular subject, coaching for those gifted at sports and additional opportunities for students with an interest in art, music and drama.

It’s understood students will be put into groups for some subjects, based on their achievements.

President of ESC, Deputy Matt Fallaize, says:

‘Everybody in education locally shares the objective of empowering every child to reach the highest possible academic standards.

‘We want to support our schools in their ongoing efforts to ensure that academic attainment is part of their cultural fabric and part of what they are known for.

‘it’s important that we have clear policies in place to help support schools in this work.’

As a result, improvements are being made to the sharing of information across primary and secondary schools.

Schools will also monitor students more, with a detailed internal tracking system.

Staff focus groups across the four main secondary schools have had an input into the policy, and Head Teachers have been consulted.

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