How you can help hedgehogs in the heat

12th July 2018

Guernsey’s hedgehogs are suffering in the warmer weather, and you’re being asked to do whatever you can to help.

Hedgehog taken in to GPSCA


More than thirty sick or injured hedgehogs have been taken to the GSPCA over the past couple of weeks.

Manager, Steve Byrne, explains how you can help:

‘You can use shallow bowls to put water out for hedgehogs, birds and other wildlife can help them get through this difficult patch. As much as we’re enjoying the sunshine, for those animals that need to find water on a daily basis it is a struggle, and anything we can do really does make a difference. 

You can also provide hedgehog houses or leave a long strip of grass at the end of your garden to leave them some natural habitat. You can also purchase things, or even make them yourself by using a cardboard box or an old litter tray turned upside-down might do the job. All of these things can give the animals extra shade, somewhere to hide and help them survive through the hot weather we’re seeing.’

If you’re concerned about an animal you can call the GSPCA on 257261.

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