HSC President clarifies duty free comments

31st October 2018

The President of Health and Social Care has clarified comments she made earlier this week regarding duty free cigarettes.

Deputy Heidi Soulsby raised concerns over multiple purchase offers for duty free goods through air and sea carriers.

She says the committee is focused on reducing tobacco and alcohol related illnesses:

‘We weren’t singling out Aurigny and we’re very much aware of how duty free helps subsidise travel costs, but I think it’s important to understand we’d be failing in our duty as the committee responsible for health and social care not to point out that conflict. 

‘It’s not duty free so much but cheap alcohol and cigarettes.

‘The cost of tobacco and alcohol is about £35m just from the use and abuse of it.

‘It’s really expensive and we want to ensure that people don’t take up tobacco and alcohol so we can prevent the illnesses and other associated impacts that they have.

‘What we want to do, from a health and social care point of view, is prevent people from wanting to take up tobacco use because we know it’s an absolute killer in terms of cancers and other illnesses.’

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