Important Year For Our Disability Alliance

14th February 2018

The next two years could be the most important in the history of the Guernsey Disability Alliance, according to the organisation.

We are told three major projects of the Disability and Inclusion Strategy are finally getting underway. They are the development of disability discrimination legislation, the work to establish an Equality and Rights Organisation, and work to raise awareness of disability at all levels of society.

However, financial support for the role of the GDA’s Executive Director expires at the end of April, but the organisation has said it needs to evolve to meet the changing times.

The Executive Directors role will be split into two parts as the team grows to meet growing expectations.

Karen Blanchford will continue to play a key part, with a particular focus on the development of training and services needed to support businesses and the wider community, as the new legislation comes into force.

Rob Harnish will head the social policy team, with ongoing input into the implementation of the Disability and Inclusion Strategy.

We are told the GDA will continue to be the public voice of those with disabilities in Guernsey, and will maintain its focus on guiding the States’ implementation of the Disability and Inclusion Strategy.

The organisation is asking for more support from members and is seeking to raise more funds to support its efforts, as the projects develop and the demands on the GDA increase.

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