Incorrectly stickered bags will incur fines

6th February 2019

Concerns have been raised over Guernsey’s new waste system, after sticker-less sacks of rubbish were left on the roadside.

The new charges came into place this week, and require islanders to buy a sticker for each black bag they put out for collection.

But some people failed to do so.

Richard Evans, from the States of Guernsey Trading Assets, says teams will go out and about to investigate why the bags have been left.

‘We’ve always said if a bag doesn’t have a sticker on it, the contractors have been instructed not to collect them,’ said Mr Evans.

‘We’ll send out our enforcement team to see why they haven’t been collected, whether they’re in a place that’s causing a hazard, or whether they’re in somebody’s drive or garden, and then we’ll take whatever action we need to take there.

‘That may include picking some up and taking them away but we really want people to get the message and do the right thing and sticker their bags.’

Mr Evans says failing to do so may result in a fine.

‘We can open up the bags and see if we can find identifying information inside.

‘What we’re going to do initially is write to people and say “you’ve done something wrong here, can you try and get it right” but for persistent offenders we have the ability to issue fixed penalty notices which is a £60 fine.’

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