Interviewees Needed For Occupation Project

12th March 2018

A PhD researcher at the University of Kent is seeking to interview men and women from Guernsey, who lived through the German Occupation.

Richard Guille’s research focuses on personal recollection of the German Occupation of the Channel Islands during the Second World War, and is based on oral interviews.

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In 2013, he conducted a project on the Channel Islands deportations, and in 2016, he produced a Masters dissertation on the memory of the occupation of Sark, based on interviews.

Richard Guille says:

‘I’m particularly interested in memory. What I mean by that is the way that people relate their past experiences in the present, and I think the German Occupation of the Channel Islands was such a unique event, that I think there are very interesting ways that people will actually remember this. I’m interested in speaking to people; what do they remember? What sticks in the mind? And trying to chart that. 

I am still looking for people to talk to. I want to get as many people to speak to as possible. I am aware that most of the people available to speak to were children during the occupation, and I’m particularly interested in speaking to that generation because I believe there are people out there who haven’t been interviewed, and I believe there are memories and stories that are yet to come out. I think, even how far we are from the event, it’s important to collect as much information and oral testimony from the period as we can. 

It’s quite a personal journey for me. My Grandfather’s parents were in Sark during the occupation and my Grandfather was born in Sark. I found documents from my Great Grandmother to the control committee in Guernsey requesting that her rations be sorted out. It’s something I’ve always been aware of going to Sark on holiday to stay with my Grandparents. And I want to tap into the ordinary lives and these very extraordinary circumstances that they were forced to live in.’ 

If you are interested in recording your memories for this project you can contact Richard Guille using the following details:

Address: Flat 1, Sun Street, Canterbury, Kent, CT1 2HX

Home Telephone: 01227 918702


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