Island Credit Rating Remains The Same

30th January 2017

Guernsey’s credit rating has remained the same. Standard and Poor’s has released the review after an evaluation earlier this month.

It’s been confirmed as AA-/A-1+ with a stable outlook.

The States of Guernsey says this demonstrates the island’s strong capacity to meet its financial commitments in both the short and long term, providing certainty to businesses and the community. It remains the same as the last evaluation which was taken immediately after Brexit.

Deputy Gavin St Pier, President of the Policy & Resources Committee, released this statement:

‘We are very pleased with the outcome of S&P’s latest review. It is a confirmation of the stability of our economy and our finances. In particular we welcome the independent assessment of Guernsey’s continuing economic resilience in the face of global uncertainty, and S&P’s confirmation of our ability as a jurisdiction to manage the challenges that we face.’


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