La Mare De Carteret Primary to be redeveloped

13th July 2018

La Mare de Carteret Primary School (circled) redevelopment will cost around £20 million.

The Committee for Education, Sport and Culture has announced plans to redevelop La Mare de Carteret Primary School.

We’re told it’ll seek approval from the States next year, for work to begin as soon as resources allow.

Committee members believe the condition of the present building isn’t ‘up to a suitable standard’.

Deputy Matt Fallaize, president of the committee, says if education is to continue at La Mare then facilities need to be up to standard.

‘All of the options for primary education which the Committee is prepared to take forward include maintaining primary education on that site.

‘The school community at La Mare de Carteret is eager to know the Committee’s position on its future and we are very pleased to confirm that during 2019 we will seek the approval of the States to redevelop the primary school as soon as resources allow.

‘Having made this decision the Committee felt it was only right to announce its position as soon as possible.’

Headteacher of the school, Kim Hutchison, says she’s delighted.

‘Despite excellent teaching, our buildings are simply not delivering the quality learning environments that the whole school community is entitled to.

‘This is a step in the right direction towards achieving a purpose built building that will enable our teaching and learning to achieve the educational demands of the 21st century.’

The redevelopment is estimated to cost about twenty million pounds.

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