La Mare Holds First Health Fayre

17th February 2017

A Health Fayre is being held at La Mare de Carteret High School today! It’s the first time the event has been run by the school.

The movie ‘Inside Out’ has supplied the theme for the event. It’ll all revolve around mental health and positive wellbeing. Promoting and supporting our young people will be high on the agenda.

Charities from across the island and students frla-mare-logo-_sand_-no-wording_400x400om the school will all be running stalls and holding events from 1.30pm onwards.

During the morning students will be taking part in taster workshops, then the school will open up to the public for the Fayre. A community yoga class is taking place at lunch that anyone can have a go at.

We’re invited to go from 1.30pm onwards and the Assistant Head Teacher, Judith Divers, says it should be very successful!


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